Songs to Play on Your Guitar to Impress Your Girl

If you already know how to play a guitar you have an advantage over guys who don’t. You have the ability to impress your girl with your guitar playing skills and if you can sing too, all the better! Girls love a guy who can play guitar, and it’s a great way to gain a girl’s attention whether she is your girlfriend or someone you hope will become your girlfriend. Any one of the songs on the following list will impress any girl.

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz – This quirky but happy and upbeat song is an easy one to learn and is the kind of music that will make a girl want to dance. A cute little love song that is sure to appeal to your girlfriend but also be fun enough to attract the attention of that girl you have had your eye on for a while.
Glycerine by Bush – If you aren’t sure that you have enough skill to tackle something a little bit more complex this is an easy song to learn to play and will still impress the girl with your skill. It sounds more difficult to play than it really is so will still have the desired effect.

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s – A little faster tempo than your usual guitar music but if you want to grab her attention quickly before she passes you by, this is the song to do it with. If playing this doesn’t make her stop to listen, then what will?

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton – This is a fairly slow and easy song to learn if you haven’t already, with a great acoustic arrangement that makes it fun to play and great to listen to. She will think you are playing it just to tell her that you think she looks “wonderful tonight”.

Better Together by Jack Johnson – Originally written for his wife this is a great track to play to impress your girlfriend. It could still be played to get other girls to notice you too. After all, isn’t that why you learned to play guitar in the first place?

Patience by Guns N’ Roses – Classic Guns N’ Roses, this track is fairly easily learned to play on guitar. If she knows Guns N’ Roses then she will quickly recognize this hit track and will be eager to hear more. It might be difficult to outdo this one but once you have her attention make sure you have something equally good to play after you finish this one.

Wonderwall by Oasis – No list of great songs to play on guitar to impress a girl would be complete without this amazing song. Once the girl you are trying to impress with your guitar realizes how talented you are she may request you play this one, so make sure you know it.

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt – Another easily recognized song that will have any girl within hearing distance of your playing it thinking that you are telling her she is beautiful. You might get attention from more than one girl with this one, if you play it in a crowded location.

Back in Black by AC/DC – Sounds just as good on acoustic as it does electric guitar so if you are sitting in the park or on the beach and wanting the grab the attention of a particular girl you can do it with this classic AC/DC song. Not every girl wants to hear soothing love songs played on guitar, so if the object of your attention is a bit more of a rocker play this one to impress her.

There are a ton of great songs to play on your guitar to impress girls and some of them are really easy to learn. If you become skilled at playing at least a dozen of them you will be able to choose one to play for almost any occasion and therefore for any girl. Girls find it really hard to resist a sensitive guy playing his guitar but it is important that you do it well and have more than one song in your repertoire if you truly want to impress her!