Gifts Sure to Please Music Lovers Everywhere

We all love to listen to music but some people have to be listening to music all the time. These people are dedicated music lovers, and while you would think it a simple thing to be able to come up with a great gift for a person who perpetually walks around with headphones on, choosing the right gift may be more challenging than you anticipated. The following list of gifts for music lovers is designed to make your gift buying that little bit easier.

Vinyl recordsRecord Turntable – Vinyl records are making a serious comeback and any genuine music lover would really appreciate a turntable as a gift. Whether your music lover is already switched onto records or not having the opportunity to discover the way music lovers used to enjoy their favorite bands and vocalists is sure to be appreciated.

No turntable would be complete without the vinyl records to play on it so why not poke around some thrift stores and garage sales to find some classic LP’s from the past in good condition. That way when your music lover unwraps that turntable you just gifted them they won’t be disappointed to realize they don’t have anything to play on it.

concert ticketsTickets to a Concert – While listening to music on a stereo or via their smart phone is great there is nothing like experiencing a live performance of one of their favorite bands. Just be aware that you may need to book months in advance and if they band is extremely popular tickets will sell out quickly, often within minutes of going on sale. Attending a live concert is an experience of a lifetime and giving your music lover tickets to see a live performance will not only be a great gift in itself but also a memory for them to cherish for the rest of their life. If you purchase two tickets the recipient of your gift will also get the opportunity to share the experience with a friend or loved one.

Bluetooth HeadphonesBluetooth Headphones – If your music lover is the active type or just always on the go, Bluetooth headphones will make their ability to enjoy music anywhere that bit easier. One of the risks of wired headphones or earplugs is that the wearer may catch a cord on something and either tear the headphones off their head and / or break the wire. A good set of Bluetooth headphones will allow your music lover to move about freely, without having to worry about cords getting caught on things.

Shower RadioShower Radio – For most music lovers it is impossible to last more than 10 minutes without a tune playing and with the gift of a shower radio they won’t have to. Waterproof, the shower radio can be tuned to their favorite station so they can get their music fix while they get clean. Choose one that sticks to the shower wall so that there is no risk of knocking it off. Shower radios are designed to be waterproof but dropping them into a pool of water is still not a good idea.

gift card to a storeGift Certificates – When you really get stuck for good ideas you can always choose to give a gift certificate or gift card to a store. Let your music lover decide what they want most as a gift. While it may not seem like the most personal gift many music lovers will appreciate the opportunity to buy for themselves what they really want. It doesn’t make the thought behind the gift any less because they chose it instead of you.