D/R/U/G/S Band


Callum WrightElectro-pop music band D/R/U/G/S surprisingly consists of only two members. The highly talented duo of Callum Wright and Candi Godbold put out a whole lot of great sound that goes over well at dance clubs. Originally co-founded in March 2011 by Callum Wright and his friend George, who has since moved onto other pursuits, both young men had previously been in bands so were not without experience. Word of mouth was their primary means of becoming recognized and certainly it was an effective promotional tool, as the band always played to full houses in London. Unlike other bands eager to record D/R/U/G/S favored a more relaxed attitude to their music, opting for the ability to semi-improvise on stage. Never wanting to play the same set at every gig gave the pair the opportunity to play to the crowds, learning with each gig what went over well and what didn’t.

The band became what it is today when Candi Godbold made the decision to permanently join Callum, bringing her extensive vocal and songwriting skills with her. The combination of Callum’s electronic and Candi’s beautiful voice meld perfectly together to provide such great listening tracks as “Broken Bells” released in 2016. Both music producers in their right, creating their unique brand of dance music has been something that it seems they were born to do. While some may say D/R/U/G/S music is a flashback to the past others feel it has a new, more modern vibe to it. Whatever listeners think of its origins the band has managed to get noticed and is enjoying current popularity, considered to be one of the best dance music bands in the UK today. While operating out of Manchester, England, D/R/U/G/S has managed to gain popularity not only in their home country but throughout Europe and even as far as America, one of the most difficult music scenes to break into.

Callum Wright

Callum began by performing live shows in clubs where he could show off his considerable electronic music talent. It wasn’t long before D/R/U/G/S gained mention on some noteworthy blogs, with his early tracks playing on radio soon after. Growing appreciation for his music soon saw him hitting the road to tour around the UK and Europe. One of his tour destinations was In the City new music festival where Callum found himself wearing the title of Most Buzzed about Act for the entire 3-day event. His first EP Love/Lust was released in 2011 and is still enjoying popularity today.

Candi Godbold

Singer, songwriter and music producer Candi co-produced “Illuminations”, her debut album, featuring her unique voice and own brand of electronic synth pop music. She has gone on to co-write many electronic tracks since, aligning her talents with some of the most highly-respected dance music producers. Her music has been released on a number of different labels across Europe and the UK. She is currently performing and co-writing as one-half of D/R/U/G/S.


Singles/EP Label Release
Connected Tender Age 2011
Love/Lust Tender Age 2011
The Source of Light Different 2012
Amphibian EP Self-Released (not on Label) 2012
You Are Everywhere Bad Life 2013
Elevate Bad Life 2013
D/R/U/G/S Ft. Fe (3) – Overcome Bad Life 2014
D/R/U/G/S feat Akiine – New Born Love Code Silence Records 2016
DJ Mixes Label Release
Feeding Time Mix Feeding Time 2010
Independent Mix The Independent 2011
106 Mix Self-Released (not on Label) 2012
Crackcast 016 Crack Magazine 2012
Other Label Release
EpochBad Life 2015

Tour Dates

Unfortunately for fans of D/R/U/G/S there is no tour planned for 2017 at this time.